About us

The group, founded in 2008 and consists of children who are among visitors to the "Abenteuerspielplatz Riederwald".
The occasion was the discovery of a dead hawk in the woods. In the grief and sympathy for the dead bird, but also mingled with admiration for the beauty of an animal.
A conversation developed about the importance of feathers and birds of prey in the Indian culture.
Inspired by this conversation, the idea came from the pens a dance-bustle to prepare themselves.
From the dance-bustle was quickly more...

It caused the entire Regalias for three dancers, of course, it worked only with the help of committed mothers of the children.
They received proper instructions from John Leicher - the head of the Abenteuerspielplatz RiederwaldTo bring in of his experience in this field.

Her first appearance was in 2009 then the guys at the Children's Cultural Festival in Frankfurt am Main in front of 4,000 spectators.
Then followed visits by Pow Wow's in many cities in Germany.
The kids are still very enthusiastic about the passing of time and have learned a lot from their great role models, and they are welcome guests at Pow Wow's.



Pictures see "Wir über uns - Porträts Bussard-Tänzer-Riederwald"